Dreamer's World November 23 2015 - Hypocrisy Season is upon Us

As this Monday slowly starts at work, it is obvious that the Hypocrisy Season is upon us. People are taking time off to “be with their families and loved ones”, or so the powers that be would have us believe. In reality, these canned holidays are nothing more than initiated attempts to lure people out to spend more money and buy stuff. Even if it nothing more than some crappy Thanksgiving-themed napkins for the table, it is all about the $.
At least this excess of consumerism allows me to have time to get my own work done without as many constant interruptions. Checking the company calendar reveals that some people are already starting their “family time”, more will do so tomorrow and by Wednesday I will be one of the handful of people actually working. Thursday is the holiday itself, I will be here at home with The Stooges while Hal is visiting family in Philly. I will cook something so I don’t have to worry about what to eat on Thursday, but it won’t be anything spectacular, just enough to not worry about cooking.
I will actually work again on Friday because it gives me time to focus on things. I have never and will never been involved in Black Friday, and this year will be no exception. I will not participate in the chaos on that day. There is nothing I need so badly that I would subject myself to the trouble.
As far as today goes, it will be the busiest day of the week at work for me. Meetings have been shuffled in order to meet peoples’ vacation plans. It works for me since I would rather those people leave and let me get on with what I have to do.
After work today, it will be time to go to Harris Teeter for some groceries and to pick up my prescriptions before things turn to total chaos later this week. I will get some salmon and the ingredients I need to make salmon patties for Thanksgiving Day here with The Stooges. Hal and I have no other plans for this week since he is leaving on Wednesday morning to travel to Philly. He will be back on Friday at some point unless things change between now and then. I simply wish him a safe and pleasant trip.

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