7 weeks

        Today marks 7 weeks until Hal and I move to the new apartment. This has been something that we have been planning for for well over a year. In 2012, we moved to our current apartment in order to save some money. The apartment is rather inexpensive, and of course, that means that there were issues to be expected. The most annoying issue where we live now is the ventilation system in the building. It is an older building that incorporates centrally-controlled climate system. The A/C is either on or off depending on what time of the year it is. Due to the laws here, the building must provide approximately 6 months of heat and 6 months of A/C. Sadly, this formula never works out well since we live on the 17th floor. We have a difficult time maintaining a comfortable temperature in the apartment since heat rises through the building and in our apartment it is rather difficult to get the temperature below 80 degrees at night.
        We will be moving to a building where this will no longer be an issue. We will be able to control the thermostat in our apartment and set the temperature that we want, currently there is no such ability. It is simply time to move on and live in an environment that will be more comfortable for both of us. I just wish that the 7 weeks were over with and we could actually make the move right now!

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