Should have refused meeting invite

 Today I had a change to my normal routine. Instead of going to work a few hours today at the client's location, I was able to stay at the office. This resulted in the very poor decision that I made to attend a weekly meeting that I am normally not available for. This ranks as the worst decision I have made today.
    I am alleged to be a Subject Matter Expert. That allegedly means that my inputs about the data contained in our system should carry some serious weight. Obviously, that is not the case at all. The conference call that I agreed to participate in reveals that the developers exist in their own Ivory Towers and cannot be bothered with any real-world facts are concerned. The temptation to just open up on these people over the phone was nearly to much to bear, but I refrained from saying anything after my first several attempts to be heard were not just rejected, but ridiculed by people who have nearly ZERO understanding of the client and the actual information that we are supposedly managing.
    At any rate, there are less than 3 hours until my 4-day weekend starts!

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