Progressives vs Democrats

One of the most disappointing aspects of being a Progressive is the behavior of the Democratic Party on any given day. Whereas I want to confront injustice and RWNJ lunatic schemes, Democrats often seek to find the nearest available shelter to prevent them from taking a principled stand on anything. The ACA website issue is the latest case in point.

There are major problems with the ACA website, but nothing that is insurmountable. There are too many Democrats willing to run away from this issue, or sit by and join the RWNJ criticism rather than being constructive and passionate about the overall goal of providing health care to Americans. RWNJ obviously despise the ACA, and have publicly stated on numerous occasions that they want to revoke the law and let things go on as they have before. That is what makes them RWNJ lunatics, the resistance to change, especially to change that originates from an African-American President.

Democrats are spineless, there I said it. They are too concerned about winning elections, and raising money from Progressives without advancing any of the causes that Progressives actually want to see happen. This is one of the major problems that Democrats have, they don't stand for anything as much as they claim to be against RWNJ policies. At least they say this when they are asking for money. When the time comes to take a principled stand, Democrats are more interested in poll numbers and protecting their position than anything else. This makes Democrats just another group of politicians, and NOT Progressive warriors that we desperately need right now.

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