Quiet Time

A blog entry I forgot to post last night.

After a rather unspectacular day at the office, I decided after dinner that this is a good time to write. There is nothing particularly interesting going on, but perhaps that is what makes me feel like writing.

I got home late after a meeting ran well past it's allotted time this afternoon. Just another peril of working with people on the West Coast and dealing with their time zone. By the time I got home, it was already dark and I was feeling rather tired, if for no other reason than the darkness.

After dinner, I decidas not that this would be one of those "No TV" evenings for me. Since there is nothing that I have heard of that is especially newsworthy going on, I decided that it was not worth my time or effort to catch up on things for once. I believe that we all need time away from being over-stimulated by the infoporn that passes as news these days.

I am happy here without any distractions other than the cats demanding attention from time to time. It feels good to not have any noise other than the licking of the computer keyboard, and since I am in control of that, it is OK.

I believe that we all need quiet at times in our lives. Time without external stimulation and the perceived need to respond to people or things during which we can allow our minds to open up without the fear of being overwhelmed by things we cannot control. I feel so much more relaxed during times like this. It does me good to simply be quiet and focus on writing. I need to do this more often, but like so many of us, I backslide on this promise far too often.

Hal is in the other room on the phone with his sister. I envy him his close relationship with his family. I am an only child and both Mom and Dad are dead so I never have the chance to be part of any extended family. It is what it is, no amount of wishful thinking will ever change that. Perhaps that is one of the things that make me enjoy silence more than most people. Hard to say, but it does seem that way.

At any rate, I am here for the evening and will try to keep my mind occupied as best I can.

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