My next headphones from Sol Republic

I have found my next headphones.
After many years with my old Sony headphones, it is finally time for a change. I have been looking around for a new set of cans for some time, and of course the Beats by Dre caught my eye. They are an excellent set, but I could not see myself dropping nearly $200 on a set of headphones.

After some research online, I came across Sol Republic and was impressed by the positive reviews that they received. I was especially concerned with the quality of the sound as well as the comfort of the headphones. Sol Republic seemed to be the best choice and so I set about locating them nearby because I not order headphones online or buy from a store without having had the opportunity to listen to them first. I Googled to see where Sol Republic were available near me and found them at Target. I went there and was very impressed by the sound quality but also rather frustrated at the generic tracks that were available to listen to at the display.

My next stop was Best Buy and here I was able to connect my HTC One to the headphones and listen to some music that I would actually be playing through the headphones. I find that one of the best tracks to sample both bass and treble very quickly is "The Last High" by The Dandy Warhols. After listening to this track I was sold. Now I only had to find a sale (cheap bastard here) and the Sol Republic Tracks headphones will be mine.

Lo and behold, as I was at Kohl's last night I saw the exact same Sol Republic headphones although they were not on sale. Then I remembered that I have a discount that starts   today. That sealed everything for me. After work I am going to pick up a pair of these beauties and I will let everyone know how well they hold up for me.

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