Must be Monday

        Working at a remote location can really suck at times. Whenever there is a problem with the townhouse, it takes forever to get things resolved. This morning when I arrived at the office, I found thousands of ants crawling around the windowsill! A quick call to the exterminators and they promised to come out today as early as possible. This was followed by the obligatory email to the company HQ in California about this situation.
    Someone in California must be an insomniac, because I have already been called about this issue. I already provided photos and videos to document the problem, and was then asked to tell these people once again that there was nothing out of the ordinary when I left on Friday. Apparently, there will be several meetings, and some discussions about this but I already told them that once the exterminators have been here that I will be working from home for the rest of the day. I also mentioned that I plan to telework until this issue is resolved.
    This is the ONLY WAY that I have found that works with these people. Unless it is made clear that I will NOT WORK here when these conditions are present, then these conditions will never be resolved.

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