Nearing the end of an important week

    As Thursday slowly winds down here, I am looking forward to Friday and the weekend. I am on the verge of achieving a major milestone in my life. This weekend I will finally make the last payment on a bill that has dogged me for over 5 years! I plan to send out an extra mail to the company several days later informing them that my business with them is complete and that the account has been settled in full.
    This will mean that I have more money in my account each month. This could not come at a better time for me. It is time for me to be finished with this shit and get on with my life!
        On Thursday, I picked up the money and then got the money order for this last payment, Friday after work, I will fill out the money order and get it in the mail tomorrow morning. The money order and accompanying letter will state that this is my last payment and that my business is concluded. In addition, Iam sending another letter to the company at the start of next week to restate this point to them, this letter will go to the administration department and not to the accounts receivable department.
        I plan to continue putting the same amount of money into Savings for a time, I have gotten used to living on this budget and keeping things consistent will stop me from spending the money I will nbow have quite as readily. There are other things that require my attention, and having extra money available in savings will be a great feeling. By the end of this year, I will have the last bill, a small one, taken care of as well. After that, I will really be in better financial shape.
        I used to think that this day would never arrive, but it finally has. It has been a long struggle but it is nearly over with.

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