The hardest part to losing weight

    I have placed myself on a diet recently. Due to my diabetes, I want to lose some more weight. A noble goal, to be sure, but as everyone knows losing weight isn't easy. I think that the most difficult thing is the struggle to control how much I eat. This is made more difficult by the American habit of huge portions and huge meals.
    I have taught myself to enjoy a Weight Watchers meal. This was difficult at first because I would look at the tray and think to myself "Is this all?". I had to train myself to accept that this amount was sufficient to get me through until the next meal. I spend times between meals believing that I am very hungry, but I know that it is all in my head right now. The idea of eating to excess is something that I have been guilty of through the years.
    I am reminded of the movie "Supersize Me" in which a guy ate nothing but fast food. I have never been that bad. It does serve to illustrate the amount of unhealthy food that we consume on a regular basis. All of the nutritional labeling in the world cannot mask the fact that eating too much is bad for us. The same can be said of the best foods for us. At times, I just have to sit back and consider the amount of food that I have with each meal.
     I am not claiming to have made some grand observation or great discovery, it is just something that I thought about after having my lunch here today. 

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