Monday and things are crap

    Monday morning started as usual. I got to the office around 0630 and soon discovered that the coworkers were not coming in today. Nothing unusual about those events. Then I tried to access the network application that I need to use today and found that it is down. A few quick calls to corporate IT confirmed that the system is down, rather than a local problem with the network here. The next predictable part was the diagnosis that no one is sure why the system is down, and that there is no expected timeframe when it will be restored.
    This all falls into perfect perspective when I consider that this is Monday. The day when things are supposed to go wrong since the weekend is over. I am not sure why things always work out (or more accurately, Don't work) on Mondays. Perhaps the computer systems are missing the weekend as well? It seems as plausible as any other theory right now.
    My weekend was quiet. Plans for brunch with friends fell through for no visible reason yesterday. I just never heard from them and decided that I was not going to call and plead to see if things would proceed as originally planned. I used the time to get things done around the apartment while Hal was at work. I ran a few errands and managed to get some rest. In the final analysis, I came out ahead without the brunch and without the friends that could not make up their minds about anything so trivial as when and where to meet.
    I never bothered to contact the people supposedly involved. Things like this seem to be a pattern with them, and experience has taught me that I cannot make my plans based upon their possible plans. Too many times I have been the person not notified that things were canceled at the very last minute, and that was only after calling to see if things were still on to begin with.
    So, Monday has struck again. Hopefully this will get better as the day moves along, but that remains to be seen. The best thing about Monday is that the longer it goes on, the less of it there is left to endure.

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