Sign of the Times

    Yesterday afternoon, the company I work for hosted the annual Xmas party at a local hotel. This is a nice change from the normal routine, and it gives me a chance to see people that I rarely see during the rest of the year since I work remotely. The company provides the food and drinks for everyone, and the CEO and his wife are actually part of a band, so they always bring their instruments and provide the live entertainment as well.
    I had a great time at the party, I ate well and I drank plenty without getting into trouble for the drive home afterwards. I was able to watch the UK game and relax at home before going to bed. Since I left the party reasonably early, I felt no ill effects this morning and made it to work on-time. I am not surprised to see that several of the other people have not signed into their messenger accounts as of yet :)
    With the party over, it now is time to roll into the Holiday Routine here at the office. Since I am almost always the only person actually here, this will be rather easy for me to accomplish. The tasking has been slowing down, and I now have plenty of time to get things taken care of in addition to items that have been on the back burner for far too long.
    I am looking forward to the weekend as always. There is another holiday party that Hal and I both will be attending on Saturday. Since this party is in Baltimore, that means that I will not be partaking in any alcohol since I am the driver. There will be fun times regardless, although we cannot stay late because Hal has to work on Sunday.
    I am not religious at all, but I do enjoy the time that society sets aside at this time of year to allow us to get together with friends and have good times. It seems to be a healthy alternative to the rest of the year when things are always moving at breakneck speed. Time to enjoy life is very limited once we get into the rat-race of survival. Perhaps there should be a few more times like this throughout the year in order to allow us to actually enjoy ourselves collectively for a change.

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