A quiet Tuesday morning

It is so nice to sleep in for a change. Vacation is the best idea I have had in some time. Not front-loading this week with things to do was definitely the right plan. I don't need to spend any money right now on traveling, and I need the rest more than anything else right now.

I am sure that I will go out later today. I can use the exercise and some browsing and window-shopping will serve as a way to pass some time. I can try something new for lunch for a change. One of the advantages to living in the DC area is the diverse population and the exposure to different cultures.

The most important thing is to spend time with Hal. Our schedules seldom give us much time together, and this is something we both need to reinforce our relationship. Since Hal works on weekends this week is all about us doing things together. We are planning our day together to work around necessary errands and enjoying our time together.

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