Umtil January

With the latest political/financial crisis pushed down the road, we are feeling a sense of relief. Sadly, this is only temporary and we will have the same disgusting RWNJ dog-and-pony show beginning right after the first of the year. I am truly tired of RWNJ that would rather see our country fall apart than act like adults all because they can never accept that there is a Black President in their White House!
I find it utterly unbelievable that we are having to deal with these temper tantrums in this day and age. Racism is alive and well and it isn't going away anytime soon. Until then, we have to call attention to it and expose it whenever and wherever it appears. To ignore this issue is a grave error.
All of the political posturing by RWNJ is just a smokescreen to attempt to hide this ugly problem. While it is irrational to accuse each and every RWNJ of being a racist in their personal lives, it is true that they benefit from this ugliness and are therefore unwilling to condemn it.
It is telling that whenever RWNJ make a racist comment themselves that the apology is always half-hearted and made with a seeming nod and wink to I fixated that the initial message got through, and that the apology is merely a formality.
With this in mimd, please remember that the same tired old tricks will be used in January. We have to remain vigilant and ready to respond forcefully with the TRUTH in the face of their LIES.

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