Vacation is nearly over

As Friday afternoon begins I am lamenting that my vacation is nearly over with. I have had a great time and managed to not go broke this week. Those are major accomplishments, especially the latter.
I still have the weekend before going back to the office on Monday morning to see what awaits me there. At least I know that I can handle whatever is thrown at me. I have deliberately kept away from the work cell phone and email. I found that very easy to do.
I don't plan to take any more time off for the remainder of the year other than a day around Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving. I will save up time for when I really need it. Of course, I am hopeful that I don't get sick and have to use any time for that.
The time with Hal has been invaluable and was much needed. He goes to work this weekend, as always, and after that things will return to a more normal routine next week.
I am torn in my feelings right now. An obvious part of me wants this vacation to continue, but I know that I have to go back to work. The other part of me looks forward to getting back to the normal routine. Obviously, there is no choice. I have to go back and look forward to another chance for my next vacation.

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