Monday Morning

This will definitely be a slow day at the office. With the shutdown still in effect there isn't much chance of anything exciting happening. I will just continue taking care of old business in order to catch up on everything.

The weather forecast is calling for rain beginning later this morning. If we have to have a rainy day, so be it. I just hope that it will be enough rain to clear all of the allergens out of the air once again. Lunch might be subject to change if the rain gets heavy, but I will have to wait and see about that. At least I shouldn't be affected with my commute home this afternoon since I leave around 3:30 pm and usually don't have to deal with a lot of traffic.

I will try to keep up with the baseball playoffs this afternoon. I am hoping that Oakland and St. Louis will win today, especially St. Louis since they are facing elimination this afternoon against Pittsburgh. I still want to see St. Louis vs Oakland in the World Series, but it is still way too early for that.

I am feeling OK this morning, but I can tell that rain is on the way since my sinuses are acting up again. That is another reason I want to get the air purged of the allergens that are getting out of control with all the dry weather we have had.

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