A Day of Waiting

     Monday is one of those days that we all tend to dread. The weekend is still so close that it hurts to think about what we have lost, and the next weekend just seems too far away. Monday is a day of waiting for things to get better. Sadly, that consists most of the time of just making it through this worst ofn days.
    I can say that I am keeping an eye on the weather. It is amazing how accurate the forecasting has become. The terrible storms that ravaged Arkansas are slowly moving towards us here in the DC area. I hope that everyone can stay safe in the meantime wherever the strong and deadly storms are at.
    I am also waiting for my new printer to arrive via Amazon. I will spend the evening setting that up and ensuring that the wireless features are utilized properly. I also began preparing a roast yesterday afternoon, and that will be ready for dinner when I get home this afternoon. Unless Hal wants to visit any apartment communities this afternoon, I am planning to be at home for the night.
    i am sure that tomorrow will be a better day, except for the weather. It is just part of the routine of getting through Monday.

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