The Illusion of Prosperity

     I was at the client's office earlier today and found myself fascinated by some of the conversations that went on around me prior to the weekly meeting getting started. I should start by saying that the client's office of full of RWNJ, so I am constantly subjected to their insane ramblings whenever I have to visit their location.
    I will focus on a broad subject, and that is the Illusion of Prosperity. I mean the seeming comfort level that RWNJ will resort to in order to justify their beliefs. The subject this morning was home ownership and investments. It is not a trait unique to RWNJ to take pride in one's home. It does gravitate to RWNJ slant when the main focus on everyone's mind is the "value" of their homes and the frills that they put into them.
    Most of the people in the conversation live to the south of DC in Northern Virginia. Northern Virginia, once outside the Beltway tends to be more RWNJ than the DC area itself. This was evident judging from the number of coworkers who live proudly in gated communities. My first thought was why are these gated communities even needed. These exburbs of DC are predominantly white, and affluent. The idea of living in a gated community within the city has some element of understandability due to crime. I just cannot fathom the necessity for these gated communities so far away from the city.
    I have never been a fan of these communities that are so clearly focused on excluding anyone who does not "need to be there". This is the new phenomenon of virtual racism (my term) being utilized. While these communities might give those living there a sense of being somehow special, I cannot find any justification for those feelings beyond greed, selfishness and fear of those who don't participate in that lifestyle.
    One of the other aspects of the conversation turned to how much these people hated the President. Somehow they should be entitled to acquire as much trivial shit as possible. The mindless chatter about leaf blowers, riding mowers, swimming pools, kitchen and bath remodeling projects and assorted other stuff made me grateful that I am not caught up in that rat race to stay acceptable.

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