I am completely exhausted this morning. Last night I got no sleep at all since the apartment could not be cooled below 80 degrees! This is an annual problem since the older building we live in has a centrally controlled HVAC unit. This means that for approximately 6 months of the year that the HEAT is turned on throughout the building and the only thing we can do is to turn off the unit in the apartment. Since we are on the 17th floor, all the heat from the floors below just rises and settles near the top floors. We are currently looking for a new place to live, but the lease is not up until the end of July.
    Hopefully, common sense will prevail and the building will switch over to AC earlier than expected this year. If not, then we will have another month to go through nights like last night. July cannot get here fast enough!
    Hal and I have been looking at other apartments, but there is nothing definite because availability for July won't be known until at least the end of this month, or sometime in early May. We cannot afford to break the lease we are in right now, so there isn't a good solution to this problem until the AC gets turned on. This will be the last time we go through this!

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