A Productive Afternoon

    After work this afternoon, Hal and I went to look at a few more apartments. The amazing thing is that we looked at some places that we checked on the last time we moved 2 years ago. Things have improved at several of these communities. Places that we walked away from before have been improved, and are now rather reasonable options for us. The timing remains the main obstacle that we cannot overcome, since availabilities are unknown at this time. If nothing else, we have acquired a few more options to keep our eyes on.
     One factor that can never be overstated is the agent that shows the property. The last place we visited had an agent that was extremely interested in what Hal and I were looking for. She took the time to answer all of our questions, and by the time we finished the tour, we felt as if we could easily live in that community. I know that all agents are trained to behave in this manner, but Brenda pulled it ofrf without any visible effort at all.
     Hal and I will be going back to see a few more models in the community on Friday. This community has an outstanding chance to move up our list of consideration rapidly. The best thing is that we are compiling a nice list of options to choose from when the time is right. That almost guarantees us of finding a place that we will want to live in at the right time.

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