Sunday, April 20

This is a test to see how well the LibreOffice Writer program fills my needs as I write. I suspect that things will work rather well. Once I get the hang of this program. I suppose that some people really know how to make the best of a weekend, I am probably not one of them, because I am here trying out software. I think of it as being frugal and not spending money that I don't really need to spend in the in the first place.
At least this is a beautiful afternoon and I am sitting by the open window and enjoying the breeze along with the pollen that it is carrying with it at this time of the year. There will be many more weekends just like this as the weather gets warmer.
So far, the LibreOffice software is working just fine. There are little tricks and shortcuts that I will adjust to as time goes by, but I am satisfied with it for my Linux machine for the time being.
As the early evening settles in, it is time to mentally prepare myself for the workday that looms tomorrow. I already have a good idea what awaits me at the office in the morning, it is just a matter of being ready to dive in and get started first thing in the morning. The real question is whether or not the coworkers will bother to show up at all tomorrow. That is their decision, and not mine.

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