Boring Sunday

     I had planned to go out today. Then I found that there is an electrical problem in the apartment. At some point after I woke up, power dropped to the Master Bedroom and bathroom. I'm not sure exactly when this happened but I am staying home until this problem is resolved. I reset the breakers, for those who would think to ask about such things, but that did not resolve
the problem. The last thing I want is to leave here and come back to find that something terrible has happened after I noticed a problem.
     I reported this problem to the apartment maintenance facility via email, but I don't believe that they will show up until at least 1200. This isn't an emergency, the power is on throughout the rest of the apartment. It is for now, an inconvenience that I have to deal with. Luckily, I do not HAVE to go out today but it would have made a nice change after being here all day yesterday.
     I suppose that it is just as well that I have to delay any trips for today. I had thought about making a few purchases, but I really don't need the items in question right now. Since no one seems to be available to get together this afternoon it saves me the process of having to call them to alter or cancel plans.
     I hope that the problem is a simple one to repair and that it won't take too much time, but I will be here as long as it takes to be sure that nothing bad happens to the cats. IN the meantime, I will just write since it always helps me to brighten my mood and makes me feel better about whatever is going on in my life at the moment.
    I have not heard from Hal, but that is no surprise since he is still busy with family in Atlanta. HE returns tomorrow and it will be great to see him again. After nearly 15 years together, these separations are still tough for me at times. I wonder if he really knows how much he means to me, but I suspect that he does.
    I want to get through this next week at the office. I left there on Friday after spending way too much time with my boss trying to get my time-sheet as he wanted it after all the extra hours that I put in on his pet project. I will be updating my resume in the near future because I really don't need to have to go through things like that after so many years with this company. Perhaps it is time for a change.
    At least after this next week, I will get a 4-day weekend due to prior planning and reserving the Tuesday after Labor Day as a day off for myself. At times, taking the extra day after a holiday weekend is the only thing that seems to keep me sane on the job. I hope that the next week will be a quiet one, but I learned a long time ago that the only way to guarantee myself of that is to refuse to get drawn into company politics.
    I am thinking about taking a stroll over to the apartment office in 45 minutes when they open to see about an expected time frame for repairing the electrical problem here. If nothing else, it will relieve the boredom and the anxiety for a few minutes. Until then I am OK with hanging on here.
    It is now 1230 and I have not heard from Maintenance yet. I just decided to scrap plans for going out and started laundry after having a nice lunch here at home. I am glad that I took the time to prepare the chicken breasts yesterday while the weather really sucked. It saved me plenty of time around here in terms of lunch.

The Stooges are also having their lunch right now and I will keep them locked away until maintenance has arrived and dealt with the electrical problem in the bedroom. If things cannot be resolved today, I will have to consider going to the office and getting my laptop and then submitting a schedule change to work from home tomorrow. I just called and maintenance should be here within an hour or so. I will wait and see what happens.
    I do have some music playing right now as I continue to write, and to wait on the first load of clothes in the washer. Now that I have started laundry, I suppose that really diminishes my chances of getting out later today. At least I will save money by staying home. There will be several more loads of clothes that have to be done once this process has begun.
    Nearly 1300 and things continue as before. I had a few text messages today from people, but nothing about getting together at all. I wrote the other day about Loneliness, but the people who texted me are not the ones that vanished without a trace yesterday. It is sometimes rather difficult to keep things like this under control. I cannot lash out at those who never wronged me in place of those who have. I value my friends but I do think at times that I place far too much value on them in relation to the value that is returned back to me. I decided that those people are being deleted from my contacts list simply because I never hear from them at all. A catharsis of sorts that makes me feel better.
    Jazz seems to be my music of choice today. Thrown in with some Blues for good measure to match the funk I am fighting my way out of right now. Regardless of how I feel, there is always music that helps me deal with things. The world would be unbearable without music.
    Time has passed. It is now 1730 and I was here when the electrician arrived. He saw the problem firsthand and still could not pinpoint the cause of the problem. He will be back tomorrow with more equipment. When I heard this, I then went to the office and got my laptop so I can telework tomorrow. I already submitted my schedule change request and will be home tomorrow.
    I left a message with Hal to call me so I can let him know that I will be at home when he returns to town tomorrow, but I have not heard back from him yet. I probably won't get an answer until much later this evening. I am taking care of laundry once again and that will be done before I go to bed this evening. I have music playing again which is always much nicer than the idiot box blaring for no reason.
    I am basically done for today. My plans for getting out fell apart with the exception of getting my work laptop from the office. I have been at home otherwise today. Perhaps there is some cosmic reason for this, I don't know. At any rate, I am done with this blog post.

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