Getting money under control after the move

 After our move in late July, the time has come to get the money situation back under control again. I am stretched due to the extra costs incurred with the move and I do not like the feeling. The time has come to readjust the budget and get things back under control as soon as possible. I am not at the danger point yet, but I want to get that sense of comfort back that I had after paying off a debt from earlier this summer.
    The first thing I have done it to temporarily stop paying Kohl's every pay period in favor of paying them once a month. I dislike doing this, but it is something that has to be done for the immediate future. I have to stop eating out and withdrawing money until next payday. This will be an extremely tight 2 weeks for me, but I will overcome it very quickly.
    I have to maintain at least $200 in my checking account since that payment is due on the 10th, which will be the last day before next payday. Each time I look at the balance I have to take that into my calculations. September should finally get me over the hump in terms of the tough times and I will then be able to keep things on a normal field. Just make it through until next payday and things will get better.
    I was able to get my new glasses this pay period. This was something that was a necessity that had been put off for a long time. Now I no longer have to worry about that expense. I will be preparing meals at home until next payday in order to save more money. That is not a problem since I do enjoy cooking. I need to stop the temptation to get something to eat while we are out. That will save a lot of money without too much extra effort. The food cost will happen at the grocery store for the foreseeable future, and that will be cheaper than eating out. If necessary, I can dip into the meagre savings that I have for this 2 week time period. My main goal is to have the $200 left on the last day of this pay cycle.
    On the bright side, the move has proven to be worth it in so many ways. We are both much more comfortable in the new place, we have a washer and dryer in the apartment and covered parking as well. There is plenty to do within walking distance and things are quiet and the neighbors are great. The apartment complex is well-maintained and maintenance is always prompt in their reponse to troubles when they arise.