Once again Insomnia has struck me.  This time it is directly related to my diabetes. My blood sugar has plummeted and I woke up feeling very disoriented and in need of something to eat in order to raise it back to normal levels. I know from experience that it is pointless trying to get back to sleep right now so I am sitting outside on the balcony and I decided to write again.
     I have noticed that writing often calms me down after such an event. I do wish that it didn't happen quite as often however and I also wish that I found more time to write without a traumatic event to spur me into action. Having said that, there are much worse things that can happen in one's life..

  I am fortunate to have my fan club hanging on my every word at this point, as you can tell.  Since it almost 0230 I'm not surprised that they are so attentive to my every word. Seriously, I'm not going to bother them. The Stooges have adjusted well to the new apartment after 1 month. Hal and I love it here.
     I will have to start getting ready for work in about 2.5 hours. I don't suspect that I will get more sleep before then. I am used to going into the office after a sleepless night, I am sorry to say. One more day won't make much difference to me. At least I hope to avoid working offsite tomorrow/today. I have put in too many extra hours this week and I really have to catch up on my normal work if I can have that chance.
     At any rate, I will stop this blog post and try to relax in the hope that I might sleep again. Wish me luck.

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