A Little Bit of Everything

     As the first NFL weekend begins here, I am not sure how I will occupy my time. I am saving money, and payday isn't until the end of next week so I am probably staying at home rather than going out other than necessary trips like the grocery store. I am still adjusting my budget for the new expenses here at the new apartment. It has made the finances tighter than before, but I haven't run out of money yet, so I am learning as I go. I have made my trips this weekend to get groceries and household supplies and I am still financially afloat, for which I am happy. I just need to get through until next payday and set the budget again.
     I had thought about some things that I want but rapidly came to the conclusion that these are things that I really don't need, at least not yet. First and foremost will be a new pair of shoes or boots for the cooler weather which will be here before we know it. I think that I can safely go until next payday at least until I have to worry about that. In fact, the weather this week has been some of the most uncomfortably hot weather that we have had all summer here in the DC region. The weather did finally change and Sunday has started out much cooler than we have had in well over a week. It is a nice change from the appressive heat and humidity that started around Labor Day. I don’t know if that was Summer’s last stand or not.
     I am going to spend Sunday making sure that I have enough food to prepare lunches for the upcoming week at work. Since I am still handling a project at the offsite location at least through Wednesday, I don’t want to be held hostage by the available food and their outrageous prices. In all fairness, I should simply make it a habit to cook on the weekends and take my lunch with me regardless of where I will be working in order to help with the budget stuff mentioned earlier. I have had to turn down a few requests to get together with friends for lunch out in town today in order to save some money. I enjoy getting together with friends, but does it always have to involve eating out and spending money? I don’t know how they do it, I learned long ago ythat trying to impress people by what you can spend is a waste of time and money. Not judging my friends, just looking out for myself.
     I am going to spend the afternoon and evening here at home. Cooking and football will occupy my time for the rest of the day. Another disjointed and unfocused blog post, but I write from the heart.

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