Another predictable tragedy and response

    Sadly, another tragedy has occurred today. A journalist has been murdered by the ISIS militants. My heart foes out to the victim and his family, and my anger is directed at those who participate in such barbaric acts. I can go no further than this without having to take the discussion into other areas.
    The USA cannot fight a misguided religious band of extremists with military force alone. Any attempt to bring these criminals to Justice has to include diplomatic efforts around the world to build a consensus. Blanket condemnation does not fill the requirement. Someone is behind this ISIS movement, and that person or persons need to be identified and held accountable as well. ISIS is nothing more than a distraction for someone, a means of focusing attention away from themselves by offering the glare of publicity to those stupid enough to want it by acting like animals. I have theories about who these persons/people might be:The house of Saud.
     This isn't as far-fetched as one might think. For half a century, Saudi Arabia has played the West, and in particular, the USA as pawns in order to protect themselves and their interests. Don't forget that Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi. Saudi Arabia has invested money in Sunni fundamentalists around the world. One has to wonder if Saudi Arabia doesn't encourage these types of actions in order to shore up their support from the USA and the West by portraying themselves as the potential victims of aggression. Never mind that Saudi Arabis is one of the most conservative countries in the world.Never mind that Saudi Arabis is a state that exploits religion in order to maintain its control on their population. Never mind that whenever a large percentage of these terrorists are identified that they are Saudi citizens.
    As long as the US and the rest of the world line up to suck at the petroleum teat of Saudi Arabia, they will get by with this. Produce a threat against which they pretend to stand, while being responsible for it the entire time.

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