Could this be the Day?

 Wednesday has started off rather roughly. I didn't sleep well through the night. I have been suffering with back spasms for several weeks as I have been working on a project that has kept me away from the office. Due to the schedule, I have not been able to make my monthly Chiropractic appointment.
     With any luck, today will be the LAST day that I have to work this schedule. All of the time and effort could pay off later today when yet another review meeting will be held to determine exactly how close we are to finishing. My estimate from yesterday showed us at 98%. Based on that, and with things going well this morning, I am hoping that Victory is declared today!
     If this is indeed the case, I am leaving the alternate worksite as soon as possible today and making my way back to the regular office for only the second time this month! That is how badly my daily routine has been affected by all of this.
     Of course, this experience has brought out my pessimistic nature. It won't surprise me, although it will disappoint me, if things do not go as planned and this warped routine continues. I have lost any real enthusiasm for this project simply because it never seems to end. It is for this reason that I am also seeking a new opportunity elsewhere. Since I seem to be the only person involved who has had their normal routine wrecked in such a way, I have to consider the very real possibility that something like this will happen again in the future. I fully expect that at the end of this that I will receive nothing more than a verbal pat on the back and a short speech detailing what a terrific team player I have been throughout this effort. I have zero expectation that there will be any financial compensation for helping the company through this situation.
     At any rate, I will know more about things later today. This extra effort will be a part of my updated resume'. I am hoping that, in the end, this will pay off for me.
     I am almost to the alternate worksite. I am hoping for good news later today.

    It turned out that yesterday was the last day that I had to work off-site! Today I am at the regular office once again, although it feels like my first day here.

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