iPhone 6

     I have been following the introduction of the iPhone 6 and 6+ recently. I am an Android user for my personal phone, but I do have an iPhone that is for company use. I am due to upgrade my personal phone around the end of this year and I have been somewhat captivated by the new iPhones. This doesn't mean that I am switching, if I could upgrade today, I would say that the odds are at least 80% for getting another Android phone.
    I suppose that one reason I have any interest in the new iPhone is the fact that this product launch was the most anticipated in some time for Apple. After years of people saying that they wanted a bigger screen, Apple finally relented and gave them what they wanted. Of course, it would not be Apple if the new product was not packaged and hyped as the "thing that you cannot live without". I do not recall the hype being as great for the last several versions of the iPhone. You have to hand it to Apple, they are the masters at market manipulation.
    Experience has taught me to never buy something when it is first available. There are bound to be flaws that are uncovered, and it makes more sense to wait. Will I break down and get a new iPhone at the end of the year? Most likely not, but it is fun to see what all the hype is about this time.

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