Can this be any more Blatant?

     When we read about the 1% and their efforts to manipulate everything in order to protect their interests, most of us shrug and move along with our day. However, this headline caught my eye this morning.

     How much more blatant can this be? The 1% would rather place profits over the prospect of democracy. The "Wall Street" reaction is carefully designed to cause everyone to feel that their own well-bring is threatened by the concept of democracy. Let alone the fact that 99% of us will see no benefit from any course of action that Wall Street would take, but we will see our earnings and savings decrease as Wall Street decides one way or another about how to manipulate this event.
    It is appalling to me that these people so callously disregard something that we are all supposed to aspire to, and that is a representative democracy. Obviously, this is an impediment to both the Chinese Communist Party and Wall Street. Democracy is bad for political control to one group, and bad for economic control to the other. Isn't it interesting how democracy threatens both of these groups?
One is left to wonder what the real difference between the Chinese Communist Party and Wall Street really is. I see both groups trying to maintain control from different directions. The similarity that they both resist the tide of democracy speaks louder than any damage-control speak they will try to use.     

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