Dreamer's World August 14 2016

The last week has been incredibly hectic for me. I had to plan a surprise birthday dinner for Hal (person) for Saturday, I also had to complete 5 days worth of work in just 4 days since I was taking Friday off due to the planning for Hal’s birthday, and the temperatures were at or over 100 degrees, making every day extremely uncomfortable and each night was a true test trying to sleep.
I then received a surprise when Hal (person) told me that he was taking this weekend off due to his birthday, this necessitated more effort to make the plans for his surprise very quietly, not an easy task.
As for work, Our WIGS (Wildly Important Goals) were due last week as well. I hate these times of the year because I work closely with a team of people and it is rather difficult for me to proclaim great achievements strictly for myself. I managed to get through before Friday, so that is behind me for another 4 months.
My off day on Friday was planned to spend with Hal as we went around the area and looked at apartments. We have decided that it is time for us to move on from here when our lease is up in 9 months, and we always look well ahead of time to save rushing later on at the last minute. Around the first of the year, we will really know exactly where we want to go and can then begin the process of applying and determining availability dates.
As you probably have guessed by now, I simply ran out of time and energy to write last week. There are drafts of blog posts that were floating around in my notes, but they were trash and I deleted them and decided to write again when I finally had the time and all of the obligations from last week were finally behind me.
As for Hal’s birthday, that was yesterday. I am glad to say that my surprise went off without a hitch. With all the other things going on, I still managed to get reservations at Laporta’s, a live jazz dinner club here in Alexandria.

I left no paper trail for Hal to see, and he was pleasantly surprised last night when I took him there.
We had a wonderful time. The food was outstanding, and the live entertainment was world-class, a singer with an acoustic bass and piano accompaniment. I did NOT indicate that it was Hal’s birthday because he hates having people singing to him in a restaurant. We began the evening with an appetizer of mushrooms with small biscuits and it was probably one of the best things that we have ever eaten. I did encourage Hal to join me for one round of Hennessey as we started our appetizer.
Hal decided to stick with a large entree’ salad with salmon, and he told both me and the waiter how wonderful it was. I settled on a small house salad followed by salmon fettucine, and I told the waiter the same thing. We hung around and listened to the great music for about 2 1/2 hours after dinner before heading home. I am glad that Hal enjoyed his birthday so much.
Today the weather remains HOT, over 100 yet again. We decided to stay at home, and I am glad of that. First of all, it has given me the opportunity to write once again, second, it keeps us out of the heat, and last, it gives me the chance to prepare something for dinner here rather than being out and grabbing something on the run.
I hope that we can get the apartment cooled off sufficiently to sleep this evening. I have already closed the blinds on the west-facing windows to prevent the late afternoon superheating as much as possible. The A/C is cranked right now to stay ahead of the late afternoon heat. The Stooges have all been laying in the cool air all day and we know that they are thankful for it. So are we.

I am glad that I have gotten this much written down. I will do my best to get back into the daily routine of writing starting tomorrow :)

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