Dreamer's World August 22 2016 - Monday and Google Project Fi Update

After a good night of sleep, Monday has arrived. That’s about the nicest thing that I can say about Monday so far. It isn’t a bad day so far but I still miss the weekend. Each Monday I wish that I had done more over the previous weekend, and this time is no exception. The thing that kept me at home was my aching back.
The morning has started out with a few issues that I have had to address. These involve some research and they are not that taxing. At least they keep me busy until the afternoon round of conference calls starts.
It has been awhile since I wrote about my Google Project Fi experience. I have had nothing but good luck with the service and the phone itself, the Nexus 5X. My bill is tremendously lower now and I have money to use that was previously tied up with cell plan payments. I cannot say enough great things about Project Fi. In fact, today is the day that the latest version of Android is set to be released and I will get it right away on my Nexus 5X! No more waiting around for months on an upgrade to the OS because of manufacturer or carrier restrictions. I am already looking forward to it. If there are any of my readers that are remotely interested in Project Fi, my suggestion is to go ahead and join.

I am impressed enough that I will probably upgrade to one of the newer Nexus phones that should be released by the end of this year. The Nexus 5X is a great starter phone and is relatively inexpensive. All things considered, switching to Project Fi has been a great decision for me.

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