Dreamer's World August 5 2016 - Grateful

This morning started out with a bang. I was scheduled to go to the Chiropractor this morning to get some relief for my back. Just before 0800, the phone rang and it was the Chiropractor’s office. They informed me that the doctor would not be in today and that I would have to reschedule my appointment for a later date. I was not upset about this, because I know that my Chiropractor has been dealing with his ex-wife, and she has leukemia. The first thought I had was that something terrible had happened to her. I still do not know the reason for the cancellation, but I am hoping that things are OK.
I looked at my schedule for the next week and there is no time that I can spare away from work to make a new appointment. I had already taken 4 hours off this morning so I was resigned to doing some stretching and hoping that the pain would ease throughout the day.
I stepped out to the balcony to smoke a cigarette and then Hal (person) came to the door and told me to come back inside. Hal (person) is a Licensed Massage Therapist and he had brought out his table and set it up and was waiting for me to come inside to give me a full massage. I was so grateful for him, even more than normal.
I had not asked Hal for help because he will be working all day on Saturday and Sunday giving massages to other people. I didn’t think it was fair to impose on him at the last minute since he likes to rest and be ready for his job. The fact that Hal did this for me without being asked is wonderful and a sure sign that I have so much in my life to be grateful for. Granted, a massage isn’t the same as a chiropractic adjustment, but it still can do wonders.
It was such a wonderful experience. Hal took his time and really attacked my neck and back as best he could. We could hear The Stooges running around the apartment since furniture had been moved in order for Hal to set up his massage table. I cannot remember the last time I felt so grateful for everything.
After a wonderful massage, I spent some time in a nice hot shower to further ease the tension in my back before finally starting my afternoon at work here from home. I have already told Hal that I am taking him out to whatever restaurant he wants for dinner as a small way of showing my gratitude.

Far too often we take the people who mean the most for granted, particularly if we have been with them for a long time. Today was a lesson for me to make sure that I never let myself fall into that trap. I am the luckiest man in the world!

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