Dreamer's World August 15 2016

     And the new week at works has begun. I was so busy last week that the Friday off wasn’t much relief for me. I am hoping that things will be much calmer around here as this week starts. I can at least look forward to finally visiting the Chiropractor on Friday afternoon after a two-week delay due to a scheduling problem that he had back on August 5. I will be working a half-day on Friday and leaving around 1330 for my appointment.
     My boycott of the Olympics and the news continues to be successful. I find that I am feeling better about things as a result. The constant drumbeat of bad news was just wearing on me in ways that I didn’t fully understand. Removing myself from the storm of chaos has brought me peace of mind that I so desperately needed.
     The Olympics boycott is nothing more than my refusal to watch something that is being forced down everyone’s throats. Just like the info-porn news. When the only thing the media is doing is giving people subjects to talk about, rather than actually reporting on issues and possible solutions to problems, they are wasting my time.
     It feels much cooler outside today, at least so far. Hal (person) and I will probably be going to the store right after work to pick up necessities for the week. I have some prescriptions to pick up at the pharmacy as well. Hopefully, the ridiculous heat is over with for the time being, but it is still August outside and things can change rapidly around here. As long as it cools off at night, I can sleep well. When the temperature stays around 80 degrees however, it is nearly impossible to get a good night's rest. That has been a problem over the last week that I do not want to repeat.
     As the afternoon arrives, I am feeling OK. I have managed to get some walks in during breaks in the work routine, I will try to meet my goal for the day if my back doesn't act up in the meantime. The heat is returning outside, but it is nowhere near as oppressive as it was over the last several days. The sky is alternating between clouds and sun, hopefully it will be sun or at least not rain when Hal and I go to the store after work this afternoon.
     The day is almost over. Just under an hour left until quitting time and there have been no emergencies that rerquired my attention. For this I am grateful. I am looking forward to a quiet evening at home once we get back from the grocery store early this evening.

     Everything went well last night until the storms arrived. We lost power several times and that prevented me from posting this entry until today. No damage, and it was much cooler last night and easier to sleep.

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