Dreamer's World August 19 2016 - Getting Older

     As one grows older, things happen that remind us of this fact. I went to meet with the client Wednesday at their office. As usual I went via Metro but when I arrived at the destination I found that the escalators were out of service. I decided that rather than wait in the long line for one of the elevators that I would simply walk up the long escalator steps to reach the surface. By the time I got to the top I knew that I was getting older. My hip was starting to throb as I exited at the top. Normally I would think that I must have really given it a good workout and that it would get back to normal by the evening.
     Everything went as planned. My hip did stop hurting and the rest of the day was uneventful. I went to bed early last night and slept well. When I woke up this morning however, my hip was really painful once again. I had not slept on that side to the best of my knowledge, I woke up laying on my other side but that is no guarantee that I had slept that was all night. I have done some stretching this morning prior to work, but I know that one of the problems is that I need to get to the Chiropractor. I was scheduled to have gone on August 5th, but he had a family situation and had to cancel that day. My new appointment was today, a full two weeks later and I can tell that I need the adjustment more than ever.
     All of this points to the inescapable fact that I am getting older each day. As much as I want to believe that I will be young forever and somehow immune to the ravages of time, my wishes are irrelevant. I will take a nice hot shower later in an attempt to relieve the tension in my hip, but I know that it is related to the troubles in my back that won't be properly addressed until some pint in the future.
     Speaking of getting older, Spartacus just left for the vet. Hal (person) is taking him because it is time for a checkup. Spartacus has been through a lot in his life, but he has always been with us. Since his brother from the same litter, Maxwell, died last December we have kept a close eye on Spartacus. I don't expect any bad news, but it is another example of time passing along and taking its toll on each of us. Hal should be bringing him back in a while and I hope that there is good news to report to everyone.
     The afternoon has arrived and as normal it is filled with meetings. I will do my best to maintain focus as I struggle with back pain and also keep Spartacus in my thoughts until he returns home. There is one trip that I have to make immediately after work and then I am coming home to rest and relax for the evening.
     Hal just brought Spartacus home and everything is fine. Spartacus does need to have his teeth cleaned on his next visit, but the vet didnt find anything really wrong and that is a relief, and a load off of my mind. After that, it will be my weekend and I hope to really unwind and relax.
     Well, my plans for today just went to hell. The Chiropractor called to cancel my appointment. There is a good reason for all of this trouble, his ex-wife passed away and he is now getting his daughter into school closer to his home. I cannot blame him for any of this, but it means that I will be dealing with back pain for longer than I want to. I will see if my supervisor can re-submit my timesheet to cancel my scheduled time off so i won't lose it, or I might just take it anyway to try and relax. I haven't made up my mind yet.

     I decided to just go ahead and take the time off that I had scheduled. It would have involved 7 layers of administrative HELL to change my timesheet and I am too tired and sore to really care about that right now. I am starting Friday with the knowledge that at least I am out of here at 1300. I will try to get a nice hot shower after work to help relax my back.

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