Dreamer's World August 20 2016

I am going to enjoy this weekend. I have been slowly removing a bunch of negative shit from my life over the last few months and I feel better than I have in years. Simply refusing to fit into the pre-defined categories that society wants to put on us is easier than it sounds. It takes a conscious effort to put this plan into effect and then the discipline to see it through. I have had times when I wanted to just surrender to the everyday routine, to turn on the news so I would understand what the hell people are talking about when they really sound like nothing more than complete idiots. It is the sense of being outside of the normal that makes it all worthwhile.
If nothing else, the peace of mind is amazing. I am convinced that this earlier decision made it easier for me to reach conclusions on other things, suah as the decision yesterday to get rid of my Evernote account. I no longer have the fear of decision-making that is the inevitable byproduct of having tons of useless information floating around in my head. My life feels like it is my own once again.
Thankfully, the weather has returned to more normal summer conditions, the extreme heat has gone away. With late August here, it seems safe to say that we won’t see more 100+ degree days this year, unless things are really messed up with the climate. The more normal conditions mean that getting outside is not as much of an exhausting thing as it has been.
The morning has been quiet and uneventful, as I hoped it would be. I brought out the resistance bands and have done some exercises in order to get the blood flowing this morning before I get into the shower. Hal (person) is already at work and he will be home sometime in mid-afternoon. As always, we will decide if there is somewhere we would like to go after he gets home. My instinct tells me that he will just want to rest. That will be fine with me, it will help to save some money for both of us.
I hope that whatever we decide to do, that it will be pleasant and enjoyable for both of us. We deserve time to rest and be together rather than rushing around all of the time.
Hal (person) got home at the regular time and he was exhausted. After he showered and went to take a nap I thought “A nap sounds like a great idea”. I went to bed at 1630 and slept until 1930 and I feel much better. I only hope that this won’t completely mess up my sleep later tonight.

I will finish this post here. I hope that everyone will have a terrific evening and a great day tomorrow :)

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