Dreamer’s World August 6-7 2016 - Ready For The Weekend, Whatever That Really Means

Saturday is here at last. I have no real plans for the day other than to rest and recharge my internal batteries for the next 2 days. I remember when the weekend meant going out at night and partying until the early hours, but time has a way of stopping that. As we get older we realize that we cannot burn the candle at both ends like we used to and we begin to settle down into more established routines.      Occasionally, I still want to rebel against the unfairness of getting older. Each time that urge gets too strong I remind myself of how I felt the last time I did that, and I usually quickly return to my senses with no real damage being done.
     I am feeling much better after the massage that Hal (person) gave me yesterday morning. I will still have to reschedule my chiropractor appointment at some point in the next week, but I suspect that things will be more complicated than at first glance. Without having been told the reason for the cancelation, I strongly suspect that there was a death in my chiropractor’s family, and we all know how that can trash schedules. I will survive until I can get over to see him, but in the meantime I will be avoiding any extra exertion so I don’t further aggravate my back.
     In fact, Saturday morning is a time for me now to sit around and wish that I had more sleep, regardless of how much or little I slept the night before. As always it never seems to matter what the answer is, I usually end up going back to bed for a nap at some point during the morning. I have the place to myself since Hal (person) is at work. The Stooges are also in total relax mode on Saturday morning, so I suppose that inspires me to take the same course of action.
     The most wonderful thing about this time is the silence. The TV is OFF and I prefer it that way. I would much rather let my mind be at ease than being turned into jello by the incessant ramblings of the TV. I might put some music on later, but right now I am just enjoying the peace and quiet. I will think about lunch later, right now life is too good to interrupt with small details like that.
     We just had a thunderstorm roll through here and I hope that Hal (person) isn’t driving through it. HE normally gets home around this time so I will be watching anxiously for him to arrive because I want him home safe. With the rain still falling, I am sure that we will be home for the early part of the evening. After that, if Hal (person) wants to go out, we can make plans then.
     Thankfully, I was just interrupted by Hal (person) as he came through the door, arriving home safely. I informed him that the plans for next Saturday, his birthday, are complete. The only thing I have told him is that he cannot question me about it and must do exactly what I say he should do. I am planning a surprise for him that I hope he will love.
     With each bit of good news, karma demands that there be some bad news. My iPad is not responding properly when hooked up to iTunes, so I am having to do a factory reset on it right now. It should go smoothly, if not I will be rather upset. I won’t lose my temper, but I will be angry. If this is the worst thing to happen to me today, it will still be an excellent day.
     I have some jazz playing right now to soothe my neck and back as I type. Hal’s massage did wonders, and this pain is probably nothing more than my body adjusting after 24 hours or so. It does make a nice hot shower and an early bedtime rather appealing though. I am still dumbstruck when I think how Hal got his massage table out yesterday morning and told me that he was going to help me out after my Chiropractor canceled due to family reasons. I will never be able to properly express how much I love Hal, and I know that it is mutual.
     After repeated attempts, I finally got the iPad to begin restoring from factory boot condition. At least I can back up from iCloud, which is what I am doing now as 1630 rolls around. I am sure that this will take forever plus 37 days, so I will keep listening to music until it finally completes, hopefully without more problems. Hal The Cat is keeping me company as this goes on, and Hal (person) is in the living room watching something on TV. That is the one major difference between us, Hal likes TV and I generally have no use for it, but we manage to still get along after all these years.
     The sun has come back out again, and I hope that tomorrow will be a nice day. If I choose to go out, it will be while Hal (person) is at work tomorrow. Even then it will depend upon the weather as much as anything else. If the forecast is to be believed, tomorrow will be sunny and beautiful around the DC area, so I am hopeful it is accurate.
     I did get to bed rather early last night and the morning is indeed, sunny and beautiful. Hal (person) has gone to work and I am thinking about where I might want to go while he is away. Nothing more exciting than lunch is the plan and that won’t change.
     I did manage to get things lined up for Hal's (person) birthday next Saturday. I am looking forward to it and hope that he will have a great time.
     As for my day, I started out by scrubbing the bathroom within an inch of its life. After that ,I went against my own advice and went to brunch. While the food was delicious, I regretted the decision since I was sitting alone, surrounded by tables full of groups of people laughing and talking. I finished quickly and left to come back home. I won’t be doing that again anytime soon because I hate being alone in places like that.
     I am happier at home with The Stooges. I accept that and am used to it now. While I wish that Hal (person) didn’t have to work on weekends, I understand that he has to do what he has to do in order to make a living.

     After Hal came home from work, he went to bed. I have remained quiet in order to not disturb him. I got everything done that I needed to and am finishing up this weekend blog post before I think about a shower and then bedtime for myself.

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