A Quiet Saturday

I just returned from a trip to the Post Office. I mailed off my monthly bills and that is all over with until April rolls around. The strange thing that happened was that the Post Office has suddenly moved from one location in the local strip mall to another with little advance notice. The old Post Office was a large building located at the end of the strip mall. The new location is much smaller, and is cleverly hidden in the middle with only a small sign to indicate that it is there. Imagine the parade of people like myself hustling to get a parking space near the old Post Office, which is still clearly marked, only to find that we are in the wrong place! The notice that is taped to the door gives the address, but it would have been much more helpful to indicate what store the new location is next to, in my personal opinion.

At any rate, now the monthly bills are paid and I can relax knowing that in just over 3 months I will be finished with a large bill that has been taking a big bite out of my paycheck for over 5 years.

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