MH 370 and the Fear Factor

     My heart aches for the families of those who were onboard MH 370. I cannot imagine the anguish that they have gone through over the past 2 weeks and counting as no CREDIBLE news has been received about their fate. One has to assume that they are no longer alive, but why remains the mystery.
    The constant theorizing about what happened to the plane has become a cottage industry. CNN has lost all remaining credibility as a news organization due to their constant promulgation of bizarre theories about what happened. Since there has been no actual wreckage or evidence, conspiracy theories have run amok. This is a tragedy that CNN has turned into a farce in a desperate attempt to race to the bottom of the journalistic barrel.
     One of the most insidious aspects of this entire story is the way in which it has been twisted into a tool to instill fear among the population. Because nothing has been proven, the talking heads chatter on endlessly about "terrorism". In the post 9/11 world, it is far too easy to take any tragedy and insert the word "terrorism" into it in order to generate ratings and to more importantly, keep the sense of fear alive among us. It is this use of fear that concerns me the most. We have endured this way for nearly 13 years. Terrorism is a nice way to keep our attention focused on something that really does not exist in an everyday sense to most of us. It rears it's ugly head from time to time, and I am NOT discounting it in the least. I simply do not believe that it is something that should be used as a fear tool to control public discourse, nor should it be used as a means of advancing policies that run contrary to our values that made this nation great.
     I am terribly sad about MH 370. I hope that the answers are found. Until they are, CNN and the rest of the mainstream media should stick to reporting FACTS and not innuendo and rumors and vague conspiracy theories. Spare us the insanity or just HUST THE HELL UP!    

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