Why writing is so important to me

     Writing is something I do because I love it. I cannot just sit and write because I have to, it is always because I want to write, I feel the need to write, and there is no joy until I actually start to write. Writing is the voice in my head that lets me know that there are things that I need to focus on. There are times when this can be rather difficult, times when the ideas just won't make it from my mind to the screen through my fingers on the keyboard. Those are the times I dread. Those are the times when I feel the worst about myself and everything around me. The lack of an outlet for those inner feelings just poisons me on the inside.
    There never seems to be enough time to get everything written down. Ideas fly through my head and then are seemingly gone forever. This drives me to write every chance I get. I don't expect to solve the problems of the world, or to cure diseases or end poverty by writing. It just feels like something that I have to do.

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