March 12 Here comes the cold again

     I just stepped out of the office for a smoke break and hate to report that the wind has picked up outside. This is the leading edge of the front that will send temperatures tumbling nearly 50 degrees overnight. The forecast high today was to have been 70 degrees, but is isn't going to make it with all the cloud cover we have. Tomorrow will start out brutally cold once again with a low near 20 in the morning. I am so tired of Winter right now, but at least the cold snaps are getting shorter. I hope that is a sign that Spring is finally on the way.
    Naturally, I have to travel to the client's office tomorrow morning via bus in the cold. There is nothing I can do, I cannot afford to put the trip off because there are too many things that I have to do there. I am not looking forward to freezing again. I will just have to dress warmly and hope for the best. It will barely make it above freezing here tomorrow if we are lucky, but at least we are not forecast to get any snow, at least as of right now.
    Once tomorrow is finished I can focus on Friday and the upcoming weekend. Once again it is not a big-event type of weekend but I will be able to get some things done and do some cooking as well. I think that it will be time to prepare some chicken breasts to get us through the weekend and also to provide some lunches for the nest week. I will be glued to the TV watching college basketball and waiting for Selection Sunday to see where UK will be playing. Sadly, I cannot see them lasting through the first weekend of March Madness.
    Just about 90 minutes left here at the office as I listen to the wind howling outside the window. I am definitely going directly home after work in order to relax. Perhaps I will do some more writing, I think that the urge to write about something other than the weather will be strong this evening.

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