I am working from home today due to the weather. The promised snow has arrived, although it is difficult to tell exactly how much has fallen since we live on the 17th floor and I am NOT venturing downstairs to find out. Suffice it to say that everything is snow-covered when seen from above.I can say that the snow is still steadily falling as of 0730 this morning. It seemed to have snowed quite a bit overnight, but wasn’t really coming down when I went outside to the balcony for a smoke about an hour ago. Apparently, the pace has picked back up since then.

I will see how much longer the snow falls here. Obviously, there are no plans to get out at all today. Since the weather is supposed to remain very cold through tomorrow, I will make up my mind about telecommuting or not for tomorrow sometime this evening. Chances are that if the government is open tomorrow that I will go into the office as well, since that means that the roads are considered passable.

This is the view from the 17th floor this morning. 3rd day of March. Unbelievable. I wish that this winter weather would just go away! Spring is supposed to be here in less than 3 weeks, but it seems forever.

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