Vladimir Putin - RWNJ Heartthrob

When one takes it as given that RWNJ will be opposed to any stance that President Obama takes on any issue, it should come as no surprise that Vladimir Putin is the hero-type candidate that RWNJ would love to have running for office in this country. Putin has a strong track record of hating on every group that RWNJ love to hate on.

Putin absolutely HATES the LGBT community and has been at the forefront of getting laws passed that are draconian in their treatment of the LGBT community. Putin justifies this by an appeal to xenophobic nationalism wrapped in religion. Just like RWNJ want this country to be.
Putin has established a cult that “outsiders are to be feared”. Non-Russians that are not totally subjugated to Russian demands and desires are to be viewed as constant threats to the nation. Another trait that RWNJ love to implement here.
Putin stresses a strong military above all else. So what if people live in poverty? That just provides a larger labor pool from which to draw more soldiers. Just don’t ask Putin or the leadership to provide any support or family members to the effort. Another RWNJ trademark.
Putin does not allow dissent from his opinion. RWNJ cannot do anything but disagree with President Obama, they long for the days of monolithic Imperial Presidents like GWB where dissent was frowned upon.
Given these circumstances, I would not be surprised if the RWNJ candidates for 2016 begin copying Putin’s style of rule, or promise to implement them if elected. RWNJ need a strong hand to lead them in order to stay united in their persecution of everyone else. It gives them a sense of belonging and a warped, weird purpose for their miserable little lives.

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