March 26 and a Change of Pace

     This Wednesday morning started out very cold once again. I woke up feeling about 80%, but made it to the office on-time as always. Wednesday is the day when I normally travel to the client's office to take part in the weekly status meeting. This morning I decided to not make the trip. The combination of cold weather and not feeling well convinced me that it was in my best interests to simply have them call me when the meeting kicks off and I can present my information that way. It is not often that I miss these meetings because it remains important that I maintain good relations with the client and appear there as often as necessary.
    One of the team I work with has managed to maintain a desk at the client's office, so that takes some of the pressure off as far as mandatory appearances is concerned. I normally work most of the day on Thursday, so they will see me at that time. Even if I still feel the same tomorrow, the weather will not be as cold and unpleasant and that will make the trip there and back more palatable for me.

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