Dreamer's World December 11 2015 - End Of The Week

The week is nearly over with. This morning I had to take Hal (person) to the chiropractor because he had somehow hurt his back and was in terrible pain. I worked around this by telecommuting, and I didn’t miss anything important at work. My boss is super, she told me that my main job was to make sure that Hal (person) is OK for the rest of the day. We are back at home now and I am technically back on the clock and will be until 1730.
After work, I plan to go to the grocery store and stock up on items that we will need for the next several days. I will not be cooking too much, but I do want enough stuff here to be able to without trouble. Hal (cat) is still adjusting to his new home, and more importantly, to his new big sister Stevie Nicks. It is now apparent that Stevie Nicks will remain the Queen of the house even after the addition of Hal (cat). Hal (cat) is still spending most of his time in the bedroom to be alone, but things will change in the near future when we open the door for good and he no longer will have a place to hide. He will have to adjust at some point.

On an unrelated note, I was notified by WordPress that I recently published my 1000th post! I had no idea I had become so prolific, although not necessarily better as a writer. I look forward to my 2000th post in the future!
I am settling down for the afternoon now. Hal (person) is having his lunch and relaxing after his visit to the Chiropractor this morning. I am making sure that there are no surprises awaiting me when Monday morning rolls around. It will be the last full week of the year on the job, and yet it is about 65 degrees outside right now. What makes this more unusual is that it is sunny as well. I wonder how much longer this will last?
All things considered, I am very happy this afternoon. Hal (person) is feeling much better, Hal (cat) is adjusting to his new home, I am not broke before payday, and the weather is nice. I don’t think there is anything else realistic that I could ask for at this point. I have written several times this year about learning to be content and not always trying to chase down the next new and big thing. I believe that how I am feeling right now is a result of that decision I made some time ago to be happy with the way things are. They are actually so much better than I expected them to be. I told Hal that I really don’t want anything for xmas because of this feeling. I was able to pay the medical bills for Maxwell and not have to put them on a credit card and sweat paint it off later. That alone is amazing to me, but it is also an indication that my practice of self-discipline has paid off.
As the afternoon slowly creeps past, Hal (person) just told me that he feels much better but that he will be taking tomorrow off from work. This only makes sense because he is a Massage Therapist and shouldn’t be straining himself so soon after his adjustment. It will mean a rare Saturday for us together as well. I am hoping tog get away from the job a little early today in order to get to the grocery store before the rush hour kicks in. I don’t think that will be a problem at all.
And so, I am going to make certain of things being ready for Monday at work before I start my weekend. This evening, Hal (person) has said that Hal (cat) will be spending time in the pen in the living room in order to adjust to Spartacus and Stevie Nicks once again. I will observe things, but I won’t interfere with them. It will ne interesting, that is an understatement.

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