Dreamer’s World December 12 2015 - A Different Saturday

Saturday has begun here and there is a noticeable difference. Hal (person) is here today since he is still sore after his Chiropractic visit yesterday. Since Hal (person) is a Massage Therapist, there was no point in him going to work today and hurting himself all over again before he heals up. Personally, I am glad that Hal (person) is here today as well as Hal (cat).
Actually, we just returned from brunch at Shooter McGee’s, which is located across the street from us. Hal (person) had not been there for brunch due to his work schedule and he really enjoyed himself.

Personally, I am glad that things are like this today. We seldom have days off together, I wish that our schedules were not as messed up as they are. It does make our life together very difficult and trying at times, but I think it also helps us to focus on time together and cherish it rather than grow bored of each other. Perhaps I am crazy, who knows? Since Hal (person) is still experiencing tightness in his back, I doubt that we are going anywhere else for the rest of the day.
Hal (cat) is also making adjustments to his new home. There is still growling me hissing between him and Stevie Nicks, but they haven't fought today and that's a good sign. Considering that Hal (cat) only arrived here on Tuesday night, this is very good progress.
I am watching the UK basketball game this afternoon. There was no way that UK was going to be as good or as dominant as last season, so I am not disappointed with the team’s performance this season. They will be as good as they will be, they will get better as the season progresses or they won’t. Each game and each season is to be enjoyed. Thankfully, UK did win the game today and I am happy about that.
This evening will be a change since Doctor Who is not on this evening. An early bedtime is not out of the question this evening for me. I recently changed the pillow out and I have slept much better for the last few nights. Sometimes it is the smallest changes that produce the biggest results. At any rate, it will be a quiet evening here at home with both Hals, Stevie Nicks and Spartacus. The time together is invaluable, and something to cherish deeply.
I do not expect Hal (person) will go to work tomorrow, but he might go out of a sense of obligation. Personally, I think he deserves the break but it is his decision to make. It is supposed to be yet another mild day here with temperatures near 70 degrees. This is unusual for mid-December by any stretch of the imagination. THis warm weather has been going on for almost a week now. It is nice to get outside and enjoy it, so that is what I will plan to do regardless whether Hal (person) goes to work or not. I think that the warm weather is finally supposed to subside next week. I will be returning to work Monday for the last full workweek of this year. 2015 has been a year that has just flown past us, at least it seems that way to me.
After a quiet early evening, I am now more sure than ever that there will be an early bedtime.

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