Dreamer's World December 21 2015

Today is the shortest day of the year. It is also the official first day of Winter. 2015 continues to fly past with no signs of slowing down. 2015 has been like any other year, there have been ups and downs along the way, but for the most part, 2015 has been a good year for me and I am happy as it draws to a close. My hope is that 2016 will be even better.
     I am ready to start my day at work. It should be a rather slow day since so many people are either already on vacation, or they are just going through the motions this week until their vacations officially start. This is fine with me since I am only taking Friday off. I prefer to have time to use when I want to, rather than when everyone else is using theirs.
     So far, I am 2 hours into the workday and there is nothing going on at all. I have my tasking completed and am just waiting around for lunch. The afternoon should be more of the same, although there are a few conference calls that I have to take part in. I don’t expect much to be accomplished by these meetings other than to document that we are all at work today.
     At least I know that after today, the days will begin to get longer again, and the nights will become shorter. This will help to improve my mood especially after work. I dislike leaving work in the dark because that generally means that there will be no  plans for the evening. It isn’t that I need to go anywhere, but having the option is always nice.
     The upcoming holiday just  doesn’t mean much to me. It never really has. Since I am not religious at all, I enjoy the time off, and I am glad that so many people try to act more civilized. I just wish that they would put the same effort into being nice to each other for the rest of the year. I am not doing any extra shopping for gifts since i don’t ask for or expect any. I have gone through enough rough financial times to be wary of spending extravagant amounts of money now. I am more likely ti give a gift than to expect one, but I don’t lose my mind buying for people sho I hardly ever see or talk to. What shopping I did is compete and I know that everything is already paid for. If I get something from Hal (person) it is a bonus for me. The best gift I can get from him is the joy that I see when he receives something from me that he likes.
     It will soon be time for lunch. At least that will give me some sense of how much longer this workday will last. I am still debating what to have for lunch. A sale is my first choice, but then a lot depends on the BG reading. I might just have a frozen entree’ from Chez Freezer and be happy with it. There is roast beef here for dinner this evening, and I hope that I get a good night’s sleep. Last night was not very restful for me for some reason, I wasn’t awake all night, but I certainly don’t feel like I got any real rest either.
     Lunch has turned out to be a delicious frozen entree’ from Chez Freezer as I predicted. It will get me through the afternoon until quitting time. The daily meeting is at 1230 and after that I hope to avoid any complications until my 1-1 with my supervisor at 1530.
     After a particularly nasty bout of very low BG, I have recovered and am waiting for the last meeting of the afternoon, after which my day will effectively be over with. Less than an hour to go now. Hal has talked about going to Kohl’s after work. Apparently, a gift that he ordered for someone has not arrived, and he wants to see about getting a replacement just in case it doesn’t arrive on time. If he wants to go, I will take him and perhaps see about us stopping for dinner somewhere along the way.
     My meeting is over with and I have the informal OK to let myself off a bit early this week since there is really nothing going on at work. I won’t take advantage of this to any ridiculous degree. I will do whatever Hal (person) decides to do when I decide it is time to leave work for today.

     Somehow I survived the day at work. We went to look for a last-minute gift, but Hal decided that he would wait until tomorrow, so he can pick it up then. After a stop at KFC, we are home for the evening. I am getting ready for bed as it is nearly 2300 here. Just 2 more days this week before the holiday and weekend.

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