Dreamer’s World December 19 2015

This is an outstanding day. I managed to get to Harris Teeter this morning and picked up a nice roast, some potatoes and white onions and some Worcestershire sauce in order to start a nice home-cooked meal for tomorrow. After slicing and soaking th potatoes in cold water to leech the starch out, I boiled the potatoes for about 20 minutes before putting them in the crockpot with the roast and the sliced onions. I will slow cook for 10 hours and then repeat overnight so things will be ready tomorrow.
Hal (person) just got home from work. We will find out if we're going out at all this afternoon or evening. Personally, I hope that we decide to go somewhere, but I will leave Hal (person) to make his own decision. There is really nothing that we need right now, it would just be a chance to spend some time together away from home. It is very rare that we go anywhere these days, not a complaint, just an observation.
If there were a place that I would choose to go, it would be to check out bicycles. My doctor has strongly recommended that I get a bike and make riding a regular exercise for myself. The thing is, I don't want to spend a ton of money on an expensive bike when a decent one will do. Thankfully, there are plenty of bike trails nearby that I can use on a regular basis. If Hal wants to go out, or asks me what I would like to do, I will mention this to him although I am not expecting Hal to get me a mountain bike for Xmas. I can afford one myself as Hal works on his own finances.
The evening has turned quiet. When Hal (person) dame home from work, he showered, ate a salad and then went to bed. Once again, my plans for trying to go out have been ruined but I don’t know what I can do about it at this point. I suppose I will just stay here and try my best to occupy my time and pay attention to The Stooges.

I hope that tomorrow I feel like going out while Hal (person) is at work, because I am really sick of being stuck here and waiting on him in the hopes that we will spend time together.

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