Dreamer’s World May 21 2016 - Rest And Chaos

Today I slept in until 1000. My goal and I feel terrific this morning. I really needed that extra sleep and to wake up to yet another dreary, overcast day comes as no surprise to me at all. My goal for today is to rest and not to worry about anything that is out of my control. A case in point is the Squire Strat, which is still at Guitar Center. I called yesterday and was told that there are still approximately 10 guitars ahead of it in line, I resigned myself to not having the Strat this weekend. Rather than worry anymore about it, I will just go and get it whenever I get the call that it is finally ready for me.
I have found that I can make more progress on the electric guitar than on an acoustic because of the difference in construction. With the narrower neck on an electric, it is easier to train my fingers where to rest on the frets without feeling a terrible strain to get to the top strings, as is the case on the acoustic. For that reason, I want to get the Strat back as soon as possible because I feel that my practice is more productive when I have it. Ironically, it is also easier and less disturbing to practice on the Strat because it doesn’t have to be plugged in when I practice, and that means I don’t disturb Hal (person) when I use it as much.
I find that trying to motivate myself right now is pointless. I have put in extra hours on the job this last week, and I deserve some time off to wind down.
That nice idea lasted until Hal (person) got home from work. He said that we needed to go to the store, I asked "Which one?" and was told that there was an Aldi that had opened nearby. He was right, so off we went through the rain (no surprise about that) only to find that the store was packed and Hal then decided that he really didn't want to be waiting in a long line. So we left Aldi and then Hal said "Let's go to the organic supermarket", and off I drove. When we arrived there, that parking lot was full and some fucking idiot nearly T-boned the Beetle as he raced into a parking spot on the wet pavement that had just opened up. I wanted to stop the Beetle and get out and threaten to injure him so severely that he would never drive again, but I resisted the urge.
After that, it was on to Harris Teeter, and even more parking lot shenanigans with drivers who cannot concentrate when it is raining. We actually purchased some groceries after waiting in a line that made me think that someone must have said the "SNOW" word to cause such a panic.
Eventually, we arrived home without further incident. The ONLY thing that will make me venture out again this evening is word that the Strat is finally ready to be picked up from Guitar Center. Sadly, I don't expect that call this evening and will be stuck once again without it.
Writing about the misadventures actually made me feel better. I often find that letting things out through writing makes me feel better almost immediately. It is another reason why I have to maintain this blog, no matter how mundane some of the entries can be. I am trying my best to make the guitar practice as much a part of my daily routine as my blogging and my walking. It will be so much easier when the Strat is finally back home.
As for the miserable wet weather, I wish that it would just go away. Although the thermometer says it is 57, it feels much closer to 47 outside right now. The evening has settled in, and it will not be tonight that I get my Strat back. I will wait for tomorrow and hope for a change.

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