Dreamer's World May 17 2016

After my long weekend, I went back to work today. As is the case so often, I wish that I had stayed on vacation soon after I opened up my email and saw the avalanche of items that were there demanding my attention. I utilized the practices I learned from the 5 Choices class and quickly filed the unimportant items away for future review, and that included discarding a lot of the emails that really have no bearing on ym job whatsoever. I was left with a managaeble list of things to do and could then proceed with my day. Thankfully, my extended absence voicemail greeting had discouraged people from leaving me trivial voice mails that always are tied to their dismally trivial emails that I just mentioned.
Getting back into the routine was rather tough just because I was truly enjoying my time off from work. Sadly, I have to get these things done, so I do feel trapped to some degree. I made it through the day and am looking forward to sitting down and working on my guitar learning for a while this evening after I complete my 16,000 steps for the day. I will work on part of the guitar riff for "Message In A Bottle" as my ongoing project as well as learning exactly how to read guitar charts. There seems to be a wide variety of ways that these charts can be written and although I can read music, these have proven rather challenging.
Since I have to go to the client's office in the morning, it will be an early night for me with a 0600 wakeup in the morning. The weather is still foreacast to be dreadful, we cannot seem to break through to Spring for some reason. We finally saw the sun yesterday, but that was only after 15 consecutive days with rain. Truly depressing.
I hope that this short week will not turn into one of those weeks that seems intolerably longer than a normal week, but I will survive regardless.
As the workday winds down, we are planning our short trip to the grocery store and the pet store immediately after work so we can pick up necessities. It is possible that we might grab a lite dinner while we are out. If we do, it will be nothing specatcular at all. There is a Wendy's and a Taco Bell enar the grocery store, and I suspect that will be about as far as we will go while we are already out. After that trip, the other tasks for the evening will get finished before bedtime.

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