Dreamer's World May 23 2016 - Another Day of Rain and Waiting

Today started out with such promise. The morning was sunny and warm, a big change from what we have been experiencing for the last month. Of course, we got cloudy and cool once again for the rest of the day with rain and a thunderstorm to add to the depressing weather.
The other thing that was on my mind all day was wondering if the Squier Strat was going to be ready at last. I left it at Guitar Center a week ago yesterday to have the initial setup done and I am still waiting for them to call and let me know it is ready to be picked up. Because Guitar Center is a distance from here, I would like to know during the day that it is ready so I can drive out there after work. As I write this, the phone call has not come through and it is after 2100 in the evening, so Guitar Center is closed now.
Hopefully tomorrow will bring better weather and also the phone call regarding my guitar. I'm not going to spend too much time stress over either event. It is time to relax after I completed my 8 miles of walking before getting ready for bed.

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