Dreamer's World May 28 2016 - More Indications That I Really Never Want To Go Home Again

Several weeks ago I wrote an article about my hometown and how I felt that I would no longer fit in. After a brief re-establishment of contact with someone from my hometown. This was someone I had known since I played baseball with his older brother. He posted something right out of Fake News on his page and I was rather shocked to see it there. As a result, I looked through his history and discovered that he is one of those people who will probably end up voting for Trump because he talks louder than everyone else.
Honestly, I'm not surprised at all to find this out. I already realized that leaving my hometown was the best decision I ever made. I have grown too much to ever allow myself to be constrained like that again. My parents encouraged me to leave and explore the world and the people in it without fear. I believe this has made me a more well-rounded individual and a better overall person.
The realization that I am never going home again is actually quite comforting to me. I don't need a smothering Stepford-style existence to protect me from the big, bad, outside world and I haven't since I left there. I also feel no sadness about what happened that caused me to terminate the recent contact. I am not responsible for what goes on in my hometown, and I have no influence over it. Therefore, it is a waste of my time to try and convince someone who never left our hometown behind to see that there is a wonderful world of people who ARE NOT exactly like us.

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